Thursday, 20 August 2015

My sketchbook #5

Of course I didn't only make the 6 drawings I showed in the past post. I'm back and here to throw more of my stupid art at you. Enjoy. (Whoops something went wrong with scheduling this post. It was supposed to be online a month later, but I'll keep it here for now.)

Which one is your favourite? Comment it down below! Don't forget to follow my instagram for more drawings, sketches and doodles (link down here).


  1. Hele leuke tekenstijl heb je, de eerste is mijn favoriet, of die met plants are friends. Ontzettend cute! Ook leuk dat je maar een deel van de tekening inkleurd, dat heeft echt wat:)

  2. Ze zijn echt heel cute! Mijn favoriet is de plants are friends tekening :)


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