Monday, 18 May 2015

50 things to do when you're bored

We all have those times when we just can't think of anything to do. Maybe it's a sunday, maybe you're sick or maybe you're having holidays. I made a list with 50 things you can do! Continue reading to see the list.

source: tumblr
  1. READ THIS LIST: It's long, I know. But to make it easier for you: I've made all the things bold so you can easily scroll past it.
  2. GO TO A MUSEUM: I really love museums and really enjoy going there!
  3. PLAY THE SIMS: I'm still crying the sims doesn't work on my computer. It's the best way to pass the time. Building new houses, making new families. I've always dreamed of starting with just two people and ending up with a huge family!
  4. SEARCH FOR CUTE STUFF ON EBAY: There are so many cute things on ebay for small prices. But I'm warning you: once you start shopping there, it's hard to stop.
  5. GO OUT FOR A WALK: Shut down your bloody computer (after reading this list of course) and get on your feet. You don't have to go very far. Juts go where and how long you want to go!
  6. DRAW OR PAINT: It doesn't matter if you're good at it or not! You can try to redraw something or you can try to develop you own style!
  7. GO TO THE CINEMA: Wasn't there a film you still wanted to see?
  8. TAKE PICTURES: You can take pictures of everything you want! There are no rules when it comes to photography.
  9. GO TO YOUR FAMILY: I don't always enjoy this, but why not give them a visit now and then? Maybe your granny gives you all kinds of food and money. That's where granny's are for, right. ;)
  10. MAKE OUTFIT PHOTOS: For all the fashion blogger here; use your free time to come up with amazing outfits and photograph them!
  11. SLEEP: Who doesn't love sleeping? When you don't have to go anywhere, take your time to sleep as long as you want in the morning.
  12. SPEND ALL YOUR TIME ON YOUTUBE: I'm not a huge youtube fan, but I know most people are. Watch all those videos from your favourite youtuber you never watched before because they were too long.
  13. START WITH NEW SERIES: There are so many awesome series! My personal favourites are Supernatural, Doctor Who, Sherlock and American Horror Story.
  14. MAKE YOUR BLOG LAYOUT ON POINT: Take your time and search for all those good html tips & tricks.
  15. READ A BOOK: Who doesn't enjoy reading? *most of the people...* But I do!
  16. DYE YOUR HAIR: Try out something new!
  17. DISCOVER NEW MUSIC: Go on spotify and look at the relatable artists of your favourite one or go on music sites like 8tracks or soundcloud.
  18. WATCH OLD MOVIES: Watch all those films you used to watch a lot as a kid. I bet you can finally understand them then.
  19. START COOKING: As Nike always says: Just do it!
  20. HAVE A SLEEPOVER WITH YOUR FRIENDS: Invite them over and have an awesome night!
  21. START YOUR OWN BLOG: Always dreamt of having your personal blog? Just start with it! All the great bloggers started on a boring rainy sunday.
  22. GO ON A LITTLE ROAD TRIP: But train tickets or car and just get away! Oh how I love road trips!
  23. JOIN A NEW FANDOM: Oh there are so many fandoms! Let's go on tumblr and find your fandom mates. I'm not responsible for the consequences.
  24. GO TO A FLEA MARKET: A flea market is the perfect place to find cool things. I bought my record player there and one time a got a Levi's jacket for only 5 euros!
  25. PIMP UP YOUR ROOM: Every room can use a little touch up. You can find all your room inspiration on tumblr or we heart it.
  26. MAKE A NEW TUMBLR: You can never have too many. Believe me, I have 4 different tumblrs.
  27. TRY A NEW LOOK: There are endless combinations you can make with the items in your wardrobe. Just try everything!
  28. READ EVERY BOOK ON WATTPAD: Okay, maybe not every book, but there are a lot of amazing books on wattpad!
  29. WRITE A BOOK: And of course you can write your own books to!
  30. DISCOVER NEW BLOGS: There are so many blogs out there! Just go on bloglovin and scroll through the blogs or find one through a link in the comments of another blog.
  31. WASTE YOUR TIME ON BUZZFEED: I think I'm not the only one who can watch short buzzfeed videos for hours. They're useless but a great way to pass the time.
  32. GO TO A CONCERT: There are a lot concerts for 10 euros. Just go there and maybe you'll become fan of a new band! Plus there's a big chance you'll meet the band members.
    source: (my own account)
  33. BUY A DISPOSABLE CAMERA: I just love the way a disposable camera photographs things. Buy one and make some original photos!
  34. CLEAN UP YOUR ROOM: Who knows what you find while doing it?
  35. BECOME A PRO AT HTML/CSS: Sure, you can download themes from the internet, but your blog will look way more original if you change it a bit.
  36. WASTE YOUR TIME ON POLYVORE: I often make new collages on polyvore when I'm bored. (My polyvore bio says: "I make things when I'm bored." Oops...)
  37. PARTICIPATE AT EVERY GIVEAWAY YOU SEE: My friend once did this and she won a meet & greet with one of the most famous Dutch boybands.
  38. FILM EVERYTHING YOU'RE DOING: And put it on youtube. It can be a vlog or just little shots with cool music under it. This is something I often do when I'm bored.
  39. HANG OUT WITH YOUR FRIENDS: That's always cool, right?
  40. DO A HELLA LOT OF DIY'S: Every time I see a DIY I wanna do them, but I never have time! So just do it when you feel bored.
  41. GO TO THE BEACH: Here in the Netherlands the beach isn't that far away. Just ask your friends, take a lot of food with you and enjoy!
  42. ACT LIKE A TOURIST IN YOUR OWN CITY: I live in Amsterdam and sometimes I just act like I'm a tourist and wander through the city.
  43. TRY ON NEW MAKE-UP: Trying is always a good thing when you're home alone.
  44. GAME!: Get your old Wii, DS or whatever back and start gaming again. Who knew Pokemon could be so much fun?
  45. GO SHOPPING: No more words needed.
  46. GO TO A COFFEEHOUSE WITH YOUR FRIENDS: Just talk about everything together!
  47. BLOG YOUR HEART OUT: Just put 1000 post in your queue.
  48. THINK OF MORE IDEAS TO PUT ON THIS LIST: Because I ran out of ideas.
  49. MAKE YOUR OWN TEES: Search for cute designs on the internet or design your own one! You just need a tee, a printer and transfer paper. Fucking easy.
  50. MAKE NEW FRIENDS: In real life or on the internet, it's never too late to make some friends!
Which things do you often do when you're bored?


  1. i have completed each of these in 1 week :D. nice advice it was so much fun xo

  2. Nice, thanks. Great list although I do most of these things every day or week. Anyway I add to your list playing online games, they doesn't allow you to be bored, ecpecially online slots like 777spinslot and browser games. Although play the Sims is also amazing :)

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