Wednesday, 22 July 2015


It has been such a long while since I last posted an outfit. Remember when I promised to post an outfit every week? Oops, the last time was in February! Anyways, I've a couple of new thing I want to show to you. (Please mind my messy hair. I just went on a trip with my best friend aka my longboard.)

It's a simple outfit but I really like it. The weather is (finally) clearing up here and I can wear my new shorts. They were quite expensive but they fit so great!
When it's still a bit cold I wear my flannel to keep myself warm. After I took these pictures I was like "Damn those leg muscles". Maybe it isn't that much, but I think it really is something for someone who only rows once a week.

I also bought new shoes since my black platforms were literally falling apart. They are limited edition vans and they look so cool! They turned out to be men's shoes but luckily the smallest size was exactly my size. I'm so happy with them but I'm still not over the death my platforms...

The first thing you probably noticed is my new hair. Yes, I decided to cut it! Quite a difficult decision since my hair used to be till my boobs and with an emo fringe (not thát emo though) instead of a bob till my shoulders. I'm really happy with the way I turned out and it's a lot easier since my hair is really, really thick and that was such a burden in summer or when I was washing my hair. And it also looks way more red now it's shorter, even though the last time I dyed it was almost 2 months ago I think.

TOP Topshop || FLANNEL Vintage (Kiloshop) || SHORTS American Apparel || SUNGLASSES Vintage (Episode) || CHOKER Claire's || SHOES Vans


  1. These AA are what I live for, they are so comfy and flattering

    Infinity of Fashion// Lucy Jane

  2. Your style is so 90's grunge I love it !!!


  3. I lovveee your shorts, I've wanted some American Apparel ones for ages now!

    The Velvet Black // UK Style & Beauty Blog


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