Tuesday, 25 November 2014

Tag: Fall Favorites

Oh how I love autumn. The leaves, tea, cosy oversized sweaters and a lot more. And yeah, I even like the rain. Well, only when I'm inside. And I think it's very strange everybody I know hates autumn, since I think it's really beautiful.
I got tagged by Beau to do the Fall Favorites tag, so that's what I'm going to do!

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Tea is love, tea is life (yes, this is a secret reference to shrek is love, shrek is life, which I don't recommend to watch) will probably be my motto. Personally I think I drink too much tea, but that's not gonna stop me from doing it.
I can't choose my favourite tea! In summer I love to drink lemon tea, but when it's fall I rather go for my (expensive) Kushmi tea my parents bought for me in Paris. Polish earl grey: normal earl grey with citrus.
Fun fact: I hate fruit tea. A great metaphor by my friend. "Boys are just like fruit tea: they smell really good, but they're are gross as hell."

Oh how original. Of course it's a pumpkin spice latte. But who could say no to that?

In the Netherlands we celebrate christmas without presents. We get our presents on the 5th of December: Sinterklaas. Another fun fact: The name santa clause comes from the name sinterklaas.
We have some traditional sinterklaas food here. For example pepernoten (literally translated: pepernuts) and taaitaai. It's hard to explain what it tastes like, but I promise you it's delicious!

No matter what time a year it is. Pizza is always a good idea!

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I have a very, very long scarf and he's so nice! Unfortunately he's so long I don't usually bring him to school.

I have a big, hot coat from the Dutch store America Today. I bought it last year and I don't like it very much anymore. I thinking of buying a new one, but the problem is I can't find a nicer coat.

I think I'm gonna go for my red docs. They're so hot and super cool. I think I'm gonna marry them. ;)

I don't really know. I have an old candle in my room, but I don't even know what its scent is called. I don't usually use candles.

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To be honest: make-up isn't really my thing. I wear it when I have time to put it on, which isn't very often. And when I wear it, I only were mascara and eyeliner. I'm still looking for a dark red lipstick though.

I don't use perfume. Never.

Watching a hella lot series of course! Once you're in the superwholock fandom, you can't escape, so you'll probably find me watching supernatural, doctor who or sherlock or on tumblr. I also like painting or drawing in my room.

What's your favourite thing about autumn?


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