Wednesday, 2 September 2015

How to dress for a concert

I've been to a couple of concerts now and I always wear almost the same clothing to them. I wear them because they are the perfect combination between cool and comfy and that's one of the most important things of a concert outfit. Continue reading to see the things I love to wear to concerts.

source: Tumblr

The first thing I love to wear are FLANNELS. I live in Amsterdam where it can be pretty cold most of the years. Just a jacket and a top is way too cold if you're waiting in line, but believe me, no matter how cold it is outside, it's always hot and sweaty during the concert and you don't want to wear a sweater there. You can just tie your flannel around your waist and still look hella cool.

source: Olivia Emily

DON'T WEAR A SKIRT THAT'S TOO LONG OR TOO SHORT! You're probably gonna jump around and have fun and you don't want everyone to see your underwear or other people to step on your skirt or dress. A small tip, but it could be really useful.

Source: Holly Sparkle

Not everyone gets the opportunity to stand all the way in the front. With PLATFORM SHOES you can just be a bit higher and see more. Wearing heels to a concert isn't the best decision you can make and platform shoes walk just as well as normal sneakers!

source: Louis Liao

Make sure your outfit ISN'T TOO HOT. Clubs and concert halls are often poorly ventilated and you really don't want to leave the concert during the encore because you almost fainted. Been there, done that.

Source: estelonthemoon

DON'T WEAR YOUR MOST EXPENSIVE CLOTHES. They'll probably be all right after the concert, but we don't want to risk it, right?

What do you wear to concerts?


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