Saturday, 13 December 2014


I you would have a sleepover with me you'd probably get drunk of lemonade and fall asleep at 4 am with the sound of The 1975 after you have stalked them and watched Burlesque (yaaaaaas Cher yaaaas) and Charlie and the chocolate factory. The next day we would play Mario Kart Wii all day while we're still in our pajamas. I'm sorry for my life being not as interesting as you thought.

I'm also sorry for my outfit being not as interesting as you thought. I'm way too lazy to come up with a nice outfit after only 5 hours of sleep.

FLANEL Vintage (Kiloshop) || JEANS H&M || SUNNIES Primark


  1. Firstly, your room is bloody cool. Secondly, that sounds like a good time let's do it man. Thirdly, asdhjkshdka flannel YES. (Also, is that a guitar a I see...?) x


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