Friday, 21 November 2014


When you think about Scotland, you'll probably think of rain, whiskey, plaid kilts, bagpipes and more rain. I decided to wear a plaid skirt to school and the first thing I saw when I looked outside was rain, rain and more rain. How I hate the Dutch wheater sometimes... So I grabbed my raincoat and decided to go by tram instead of bicycle. Which was a great choice since the weather didn't got much better.

And I have to admit: I'm in love with my bag. It's so cute! Everybody's always like "Hey Hanne, I can see your lunch"or "Everybody can see your books...", but fuck y'all I have no secrets! Well, I do have them though, but that has nothing to do with what's inside my bag.

Ugh... My legs look so strange in this pic

I played around with effects. hihi

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