Friday, 16 January 2015

crazy factory unboxing

I have this little thing for piercings last time. I don't know what it is, they're just so cool! But I would never stretch my ears! Well, maybe something like 5 mm, because I don't want big hoops in my ear when I'm 30 and I need to apply for a job. 
After just surfing on the internet I came across this online piercing shop Crazy Factory. It was love at first sight. They have a huge assortment of piercings, fake ones, jewellery and fake tattoos at small prices. Oh, I just wanted to buy all those fake piercings since my parents won't let me pierce my ears or nose or whatever. I couldn't stop myself and bought 2 fake piercings!

They had told me it took about 2 till 8 days to ship your purchase but with me it took them 9 days. It was worth waiting and I was so happy when I received a little package addressed to me! Inside the envelope were my two fake piercings, a receipt and a very festive (I ordered them after new year...) sticker which immediately got a single ticket to the trash. 

The first thing I ordered was this fake triangle plug. I thought they would be shipped in pairs but they weren't so now I only have one. It's not so bad since my hair is always in front of my right ear. I absolutely love how it looks! You can see it's a fake one but that doesn't matter because it still looks hella rad! And since they have this thing on the back, it doesn't hurt when you sleep with it!
It cost €1,96 and I bought one with a diameter of 10 mm (the largest you could get). You can buy this one here.

Sorry for the bad quality. Taking pictures of your own ear is quite difficult and doing it with your phone is just a bit easier.

Me doing the v awkward peace thingy...
The next thing I bought was this fake spiral. Sadly it was already broken when I got it. I didn't want to close, so when you put them in your ears, they would just fall out. After trying to take pictures of them without letting them fall out of my ear, I came to the conclusion they looked so fucking rad and also not that fake. I went back to the site where you could have a live chat with an employee. I told them about my problem and they said they would send new ones immediately. A huge thanks, Crazy Factory, for your amazing work. I didn't know you would react like this at all. Oh, I can't wait till the new ones get here!
It cost €1,96 and I bought a black one with a diameter of 6 mm. You can buy this one here.

From the Netherlands the shipping costs were €4,90. A bit too much if you ask me, but since the fake piercings are a lot cheaper and cooler than ones I saw in real shops, I thought it would be worth it. Orders over €20,00 get free shipping!
By the way, this is not a collaboration with Crazy Factory. I was just so happy with my purchase and wanted to show it to you!


  1. Those earrings look so extremely rad on you! x I <3

  2. Wat gaaf! En wel chil dat je gewoon nepperts kan kopen:)


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